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Taking 5: I Want To Like The Like Button


Just over a year ago I wrote an article titled “Taking 5: Facebook Platform”. It was right after Facebook launched their Like button and their universal log in.  Both services have been adopted at incredible rates, to the point where I find it odd if I don’t see the Like button on a page.  I have even updated Nerdology to add that functionality (you have to be on the actual site not on the dashboard to see it).

In that post I said “Facebook is targeting Digg. … The difference is audience.  400 million people are on Facebook so clicking Like on an article has the potential to reach more people.” Since writing that Digg is more or less dead and I’ve been able to read a ton of articles and watch videos because my friends have clicked the LIKE button.  But there is still one problem. Volume.

Facebook is the largest agrogate I look at, and often times I see content on Facebook that I already saw in other places (Twitter, Tumblr, etc). I’m guilty of that as well. Everything posted to my personal Tumblr also gets kicked out to my Facebook page and Twitter.  It’s just how things work.  And because everyone is pushing their content to Facebook my feed is updated at an incredible rate and I just don’t have time to go back and sift through all the stuff I’ve already seen elsewhere to find the new stuff.

Facebook is missing a way to sort Likes.  And it’s inhibiting the growth of that service.

Last year I wrote, “If I am already checking Facebook it would be great to have a separate news feed to see what things people are liking outside of Facebook… don’t think that isn’t coming.  I also will expect (like digg) to be able to see a list of the most liked things of the day/week/month.” But we still don’t have that.

I want to like the Like button.  I do. It has such great potential but it’s been over a year now and while websites are adopting it en-masse Facebook isn’t supporting it.

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What Kids Need To Know About A Triangular Prism

A triangular prism is a three dimensional shape with five faces. whenever it comes to experience all about a triangular prism, kids can read its fundamentals, the surface area and volume at different stages of their grades. We will talk about all these aspects of a triangular prism, one at a time.

As usual, we’ll discuss about the key terminology of the triangular prism prior to every thing else:

Kids can start learning about the triangular prism as soon as they are in grade 1, whilst they learn about spacial sense. Then in subsequently grades kids are taught about the basic terms and names related to solids. Out of 5 faces of a triangular prism, two of them are triangular and three are parallelograms (or rectangles). The subsequent term to experience about a triangular prism is its edges (an edge is the meeting line of two faces) and there are 9 edges of this shape. The succeeding basic term about the triangle prisms is the vertices which are the meeting points of faces and edges; there are six vertices of a triangular prism. Kids in grade five or six are introduced with the net of a triangular prism and which is all the faces of the prism open on the floor by cutting it by the edges.

Surface area of a triangular prism
is succeeding to basic terms:

When it comes to discover the surface area of any solid, it is the total sum of areas of all the faces of the solid. The chief to find the surface area of a triangular prism is the formulas to find the areas of rectangles and triangles, as we wish to find the area of faces individually. Kids can use a triangular prism net to find the areas of all the faces one by one and add them to get the surface area of the prism.

The final stage to study about a triangular prism is to recognize about its volume or capacity to hold any material. Grades eight or nine students are asked many questions about the volume of a triangular prism. Again, the area of the triangular face (also called the base of the prism) and the distance between these two triangular faces is used to determine the volume of the prism. Hence, the volume is the product of area of base and the height of the prism, look at given image to get it more easily. To get volume of a triangular prism, use the following formula; Volume = Area of triangular base x distance between both the triangular faces

As a determination we can say that the study of a triangular prism can be divided into three chief topics, the basic terminology, finding the surface area and idea of how to discover its volume.


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